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Corporate Profile

President Kazuo TakamisawaTAKAMISAWA CYBERNETICS was founded in 1969, and successfully developed the first unique multi-functional Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) in the world following year, which was capable to issue various value of railway ticket by one machine. This new machine was entered in the market immediately. It was the start of TAKAMISAWA CYBERNETICS to become one of the largest specializing manufacturers for the high-graded Automatic Fare Collection systems.

Nowadays, all advanced ATVMs for Japanese railway industry have been developed with originating by our world the first machine.

The technology which grew out of ATVM has found many new various applications, such as:-Bank note/Coin Handling machine for self-service banking unit,-Gate control system for public/private facilities, etc.

A decisive factor for the long term acceptance from customers is our "High Quality standards."

All our products are manufactured under our specialized Quality Management System. Thanks to quality testing know-how, we are also a leading provider of measuring Equipments. TAKAMISAWA CYBERNETICS is among the most competent suppliers in this line of business.

Other essential part of our activity is the Research and Development, which is the basis of TAKAMISAWA CYBERNETICS's technological competence and help to ensure a secure future for the company.

In 2010, we will celebrate its 41th anniversary. On this memorable occasion, we intend to look back at the roots of our success, while at the same time planning the direction for the next decades.

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