It is estimated that there are approximately 1.75 million species of organisms inhabiting this world (30 million counting as-yet undiscovered species).
Scientists warn that 0.01% - 0.1% of these species become extinct every year.
Almost all of these extinctions are said to be attributable to human activities such as development, overhunting, and the introduction of non-native species, but we cannot continue living on earth without the gift of such diverse living things, nor their support.
We are working to halt this state of affairs and preserve biodiversity.

Specific initiatives

All our employees companywide work as one to promote the following policies and preserve biodiversity.

  1. We are promoting such initiatives as energy conservation, limiting production of waste, and limiting chemical substance emissions.
  2. We are working to promote designs for better recycling, and to adopt environmentally-friendly materials.
  3. We are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global warming.
  4. We are working to make our factory grounds environmentally friendly.
  5. We work to look into local initiatives, and participate in and cooperate with their activities.

Adoption System – Participation in the five initiatives above

We have chosen to take part in the “Adoption System” promoted by Saku City to facilitate maintenance and greening of the park (Hanareyama-minami Mini Park) near Nagano 3rd factory so that it becomes a favorable living environment for animals and factories.

Affixing seals with Saku City

A seal-affixing ceremony was held at Saku City Hall on June 2, 2011 to mark the coming together of the city and this company under the Adoption System for Hanareyama-minami Mini Park. During the ceremony, the mayor of Saku City stated that we were the first corporate participant in their city’s Adoption System, and expressed a wish for us to distinguish ourselves with our activities so that we may serve as a model case for other corporations. As for our current initiatives under this system, we are mainly cleaning up and cutting the grass inside the park after work hours on the first Wednesday of every month. Afterwards, we work on green activities such as planting flowers taken from the opinions and proposals solicited in-house.

Affixing seals with Saku City

Cleaning and cutting grass

We cleaned the park and cut the grass there for the first time after work hours on the first Wednesday in June. On the same day, a great many of our employees took part in neatly cutting the summer grass that had become noticeably overgrown. We will continue with this activity except in the winter, and work to maintain and green the park grounds so that it may become an environment more favorable to habitation by plants and animals, even if only a little.

Hanareyama-minami Mini Park clean-up work
Hanareyama-minami Mini Park clean-up work