We are partners in creating a company essential to the world.
Let us combine our strengths in taking on the challenge of unlimited advancement.

Corporate Policy

Human Technology—aiming for development of technologies attuned to human needs

Based on the vision that has been passed down since our founding, “Technology is truly technology when it is used by many people, not just a few specialists,” we will continue developing products that employ our core T.B.C.C. technologies.
Even as we develop innovative technologies, we strive to create products from multifaceted perspectives, not biased toward the singular viewpoint of engineers.
This is the thinking that drives Human Technology.

Corporate Vision

T.B.C.C. Experts

As T.B.C.C. Experts, we are developing ticket, banknote, coin, and card handling technologies that are unique and highly innovative, so that we can send out products that will be key to various stages in society.