Our corporation can engage in sound activities precisely because we have gained the understanding and cooperation of all residents in the surrounding region.

Clean-up activities near the Nagano Factory

Ever since our company was certified for “ISO14001” (an international standard for environmental systems management) during April 2003, we have continuously worked to preserve the environment through reducing power consumption, reducing amounts of waste produced, green procurement of materials, etc.

The understanding and cooperation of all residents living near our centers of operation is indispensable to continue with sound corporate activities. As a company that aims to be indispensable to society, the Environmental Management Committee of the Nagano District Office under the direction of the Environmental General Manager considered specific ideas about policies that could allow us to pay our debt of gratitude to society.

長野工場 近隣清掃活動

This resulted in our deciding to conduct periodic clean-up activities around the No.1 and No.3 Nagano factories after work hours on the first Wednesday of every month as parts of our activities performed in contribution to regional society.

長野工場 近隣清掃活動

On the day of the clean-up, a great many of our employees took part, performing such tasks as picking up trash from the streets near the factories and removing weeds from the surrounding areas. When the summer grass had become noticeably overgrown, we cut it so neatly the park was almost unrecognizable. We will continue this activity except during the winter, and work to beautify the area.

長野工場 近隣清掃活動

Raising environmental awareness

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is being sought worldwide in order to check the progression of global warming. We are moving forward with companywide initiatives to reduce the environmental burden posed by our business activities.

Specific measures we are implementing include cutting the amount of electricity we use by moderating the temperature settings of the air conditioning in our centers of operation and turning off lighting during break times, collection of garbage separated by type and recycling whenever possible, promotion of paperless work, and green procurement. Also, we have implemented a Cool Biz initiative allowing employees to wear lighter clothing and prohibited excessive cooling over the months of May to October in order to help save electricity. We think it is the responsibility of those of us in business to leave a good global environment for future generations through the cumulative effect of these small activities, and we will continue to work to reduce the burden we place on the environment.