Regarding Terms of Use for the Takamisawa Cybernetics Website

Please carefully read the Terms of Use below for the website (hereinafter, “the Website”) operated by Takamisawa Cybernetics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) before use and only use the Website if you have agreed to those terms.

We ask for your understanding that those who use the Website shall be deemed as having agreed to all Terms of Use.
The Company may change the Website’s Terms of Use without advance notice.
In this case, the amended Terms of Use will apply, so we ask that you use the Website after consulting the latest details.

1. Regarding Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights for the Website’s written materials belong to the Company, and use of these (such as reproduction, transmission, transfer, or any other purposes) without permission beyond the scope acknowledged by the Copyright Act is strictly prohibited.
In addition, provision of written materials on the Website does not transfer patent rights, utility models, design rights, trademark rights, or any other intellectual property rights included in said written materials.
Furthermore, the Website presents the written materials as they are and does not endorse their content.

Information provided on the Website concerning the Company’s technology, products, services, etc., is protected by legislation pertaining to intellectual property rights, etc.

2. Regarding Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited when using the Website.

(1) Acts infringing on, or likely to infringe on, a third party’s or the Company’s assets or privacy
(2) Acts disadvantageous or damaging to a third party or the Company; or engaging in any similar act.
(3) Defaming the character or trustworthiness of a third party or the Company and slandering or threatening a third party or the Company.
(4) Acts that disrupt or harm public order and morality; or engaging in any similar act.
(5) Criminal acts or acts related to crime; or engaging in any similar act.
(6) Falsified applications or reports, such as entering another person’s email address.
(7) The use or introduction of harmful programs, such as malware, computer viruses; or engaging in any similar act.
(8) Acts violating laws, legislation, regulations, or legal rules; or engaging in any similar act.

3. Regarding Disclaimers

The Company does not bear responsibility for information on the Website in the following respects. In addition, displaying the Website elsewhere is done so at the responsibility of the customer.

(1) If the provided or posted information is not always up to date.
(2) When there are computer viruses or other risks present that could cause harm or problems.
(3) Any and all damages to the customer resulting from changes to the Company’s Terms of Use or the Website’s information; or from availability being interrupted, suspended, or discontinued.

4. Regarding Applicable Laws and Courts of Jurisdiction

Use of the Website and its Terms of Use are subject to the laws of Japan.
Unless otherwise stipulated, disputes over the use of the Website or its Terms of Use are under the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court.

5. Regarding Links

The content of third-party websites unaffiliated with the Company that are linked from or to the Website are managed by each respective company and are not under the Company’s administration.

(1) Please contact us at “” if you wish to post a link to the Website.
(2) Links will be embedded in the Website’s homepage, “”.
(3) The Company may request the removal of any links the Company deems inappropriate, even if the Company previously approved those links.

6. Regarding the RSS feed

Updated information (press releases, IR information updates, new product information, etc.) for the Takamisawa Cybernetics Website is also offered via RSS feed.

“RSS” is an abbreviation for “RDF Site Summary” (or “Really Simple Syndication”) and is one format used for transmitting web content using XML. Subscribing to the RSS feed will enable users to easily access the Website’s updated information.

(1) A dedicated RSS reader or a browser that supports RSS is necessary to subscribe to the RSS feed.
(2) Users may not be able to use the RSS feed with an old version of a browser.
(3) Transmission of the RSS feed may be suspended for maintenance, or the URL, format, or content may be changed without prior notice.
(4) We are unable to respond to technical questions about the RSS feed or inquiries about software such as browsers or RSS readers used by customers. We therefore ask for your understanding in this matter.