We value the individuality of our employees, and are working to build an environment wherein they can work to the best of their ability and allow them to live a lifestyle that offers peace of mind.

Respect for rights

At Takamisawa Cybernetics Co., Ltd., we have established ethical and legal compliance rules and obligated employees to carry out our corporate activities in a highly ethical manner. At the same time, we have stipulated in our “Takamisawa Cybernetics Code of Conduct” that rights are to be respected and sexual harassment is prohibited. This obligates employees to refrain from discrimination by sex, age, creed, illness, etc., respect the rights of others, and eradicate discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment.

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Creating a worker-friendly workplace

Self-assessment system

We have introduced a self-assessment system so students can improve their own abilities and to create opportunities derived from these assessments, allowing them to transfer to positions and departments that best fit them. Employees submit “Self-assessment Reports” once per year in which they reflect on their performance and at the same time propose goals for the year ahead. These employees discuss their hopes, etc. in detail with their superiors and seek out the possibility of being assigned to the departments that would be optimal for them, thus helping them advance in their careers.

Work-life balance

At Takamisawa Mex Co., Ltd., we are working to build an environment that fosters good work-life balance so that the next generation of children will be born and grow up healthy per the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

Improving the rate in which female employees take childcare leave

We are working to periodically promote in-company awareness and education to foster an environment that is understanding of and responsive to employees, so that the rate that employees avail themselves of childcare leave is maintained and increased.

Notification of our childcare and nursing leave rules, such as for short-time work

We work to make sure that employees covered by the “stipulations of our childcare and nursing leave rules such as for our short-time work” system usable by employees with children who have yet to enter primary school are well aware of this system. We revised our childcare and nursing leave rules in June of 2010 to create an environment where it is easy for employees to take the leave established in said rules.

Ongoing initiatives to reduce overtime hours and promote taking of annual paid leave

We have established days on which employees are to leave work at a designated time, and are working to reduce the mount of overtime employees work. We are also working to provide education to employees that promotes the taking of paid annual leave.

Older employee rehiring system

In order to comply with the revisions to the “Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons,” we revised our system for rehiring older employees in 2006.
We value the knowledge, experience, and skills that are cultivated by older people over many years, and have introduced a system for rehiring employees who have passed the retirement age of 60. This has the combined goals of contributing to streamlining of business operations and at the same time the cultivation of their successors at the company.

Labor, Safety and Health

Health and Safety Committee

At Takamisawa Cybernetics Co., Ltd., we are promoting and prioritizing self-directed health and safety activities at each workplace, creating and maintaining pleasant workplace environments and cheerful, healthy workplaces, while promoting the development of safety and health activities in which all employees participate. In particular, we are developing activities under a line-type autonomous management system established in our workplaces that is grounded in the basic principle of “Safety first, with zero disasters.”

Key goals

Discovery and rapid disposal of dangers through differentiated safety and health management for each unique workplace.
All employees facing the challenge of eliminating work-related injuries through creativity, ingenuity, and improvement.
All employees observe the five principles of safe driving to meet the challenge of completely eliminating traffic accidents as a team.
Establishing focus campaigns and 6S campaigns to call attention to cases of danger with notices that are understandable at a glance in order to create a healthy, cheerful, and lively workplace.
Promotion of measures to improve health of employees themselves as well as their families through health consultations with industry physicians, practical use of corporate contracts, self-directed sporting activities, and so forth.
Increasing awareness of disaster prevention and crime prevention, and establishing a crisis management system.

Initiatives to maintain the health of our employees

In order to take preventions and prevent our employees from damaging their health from overwork, we obligate our employees who work long overtime hours to consult with an industrial physician.
We aim to prevent employees’ health from being affected by excessive labor, and are continuing with initiatives to maintain the health of employees.