Technology is truly technology when it is used by many people, not just a few specialists.

In the 21st century, as all kinds of new technologies are born and major changes come to daily life and society, we at Takamisawa Cybernetics have been contributing to society by pursuing progress in the form of technical innovation, based on the vision that has been passed down since our founding, namely, that “Technology is truly technology when it is used by many people, not just a few specialists.”

Based on our corporate policy of Human Technology—aiming for development of technologies attuned to human needs—we are developing products through collaboration across each division.
The vision guiding this development is T.B.C.C Experts, from the keywords Ticket (T), Banknote (B), Coin (C), and Card (C) handling technology.
With our original sales system of Total System Production, we are meeting needs even for building total environments.
Another important backbone of our company is the creation of many product variations in small volumes through flexible and meticulous manufacturing, which is certainly not possible with mass production.

Takamisawa Cybernetics will continue developing core technologies essential to the world, providing products that deliver comfort and convenience to their users.
The mission placed on us, in whatever age, is to keep one step ahead of the age, with technical innovation that will serve as many people as possible.

Through efforts that never let up, we will strive for further growth as a company.
I would like to ask you all for your continued warm support.

Kazuo Takamisawa