Here we introduce the products and services of Takamisawa Cybernetics in each business segment.

Ever since developing Japan’s first multi-functional ticket vending machine, we have been developing new products that are key to various stages of society, from our mainstay transportation system equipment to banking terminal equipment and disaster prevention measurement systems, applying the expertise we have built up over the years in T (Ticket), B (Banknote), C (Coin), and C (Card) handling technology.

Examples of Products Introduced

Osaka Monorail Co., Ltd.

  • Transportation Equipment
  • Ticket Vending Machine
  • Automatic Fare Adjustment Machine

Hailey'5cafe Shibuya Branch

  • Specific System/Machine
  • Gate Machines

Kawasaki City Iriezaki Waste Heat Utilizing Swimming Pool

  • Specific System/Machine
  • Access Management System