An overview of the TCV Series of card vending machine products (vending machines).

We offer a full lineup of machines to meet the diverse needs of our customers, from single-account types that exclusively accept ¥1,000 banknotes to 8-account types that accept high-denomination banknotes.

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Card Vending Machine TCV-9000 Series

TCV-9000 Series

Compact and intelligent!
Perfect for wherever cards are sold, such as driving ranges, gas stations, or pay parking lots.
Thin-type body with a depth of 30 cm can be installed just about anywhere, accepts high-denomination banknotes, and can sell cards from four accounts.



Single-account ultra-compact basic type that exclusively accepts ¥1,000 banknotes.
Does not obstruct areas with limited free space such as hospitals, hotels, hairdressers, and coin laundries.



Simple equipment with carefully selected basic functions available at a low price.
The perfect card vending machine for a variety of locations, such as amusement facilities, hospitals, and hotels.

Examples of Products Introduced

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