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Ticket Issuing Machine : TP-9000 series

The TP-9000 is the counter ticketing solusion. It is capable to issue many different tickets such as commuter ticket, simple ticket, coupon ticket, special program ticket, etc. in accordance with setting configurations of various types of parameters.


TP-9000 series
  • Operation is simple and easy by using touch panel.
  • Simple and easy operation
    Simple and easy operation will help to reduce the work load for operator, and assist to increase more attention to the customer service. Visibility of the display was improved, too.
  • Network capability
    It is capable to be networked by using LAN connection, therefore data exchanging between host system and this machine can be achieved smoothly.
  • Simplified configuration of required equipments
    It is consisted simply with PC, Display, Printer, Sales indicator and Magnet optical disk drive.


Series No. TP-9000
Power supply AC100V ±10% 50/60Hz

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