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Transport Equipment Department

It is found in the fare collection machine industry that a movement of systematizing and a modernizing of machines is accelerated increasingly with intending to improve customer services or operational efficiency. Since we developed the world, first multi functional ticket vending machine, we have kept producing up-to-dated product of fare collection machines. As an expert at the fare collection machines, we are committed to maintain of making advance proposal continuously to our customers in the future.

Ticket Vending Machine
VTV series

VTV series

Featuring Barrier-free concept for the elderly and the disabled, Correspond to smart card applications and Compatible to multimedia application such as pre-arrangement for issuing commuter ticket by using telecommunications network.

Ticket Issuing Machine
TP-9000 series

TP-9000 series

This series is the counter ticketing solition. It features simple and easy operation through touch screen terminal, as well as it is capable to issue many different tickets such as commuter ticket, single ticket, etc. in accordance with setting configurations of various types of parameters.

Smart Card Charging Terminal
VCM series

VCM series

Space saving design offers more flexible options for installation location. Even though it is compact body size it is capable to accommodate 4 denominations of banknote, and additionally it can issue receipt if need arises.

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