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Seismic Intensity Meter STR-361

Outline dimensions



Measuring unit

Maximum measured acceleration ±3000gal
Resolution 0.63mgal
Measurement components 3 components (X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis)
A/D(analog/digital) converting section
A/D converter 24-bit Delta-Sigma converter
Sampling frequency 100Hz
Frequency characteristic 0 ~ 40Hz
Dynamic range More than 130dB
Sampling synchronization To be synchronized with built-in high-precision clock (The clock is to be calibrated by GPS.)
Communication section
Interface/rate/range for Signal processor and Measuring unit Interface: RS-422
Rate: 38400 bps
General specifications
Power supply DC 15V (to be supplied through Signal processor)
Power consumption Ca. 6W
Anti-power outage To be covered by built-in power backup battery in the Signal processor.
Hardware requirements Ambient temperature:-20°C ~ +60°C
Relative humidity: less than100%(enclosed structure)
Waterproof JIS-C-0920 as per International Protection code 7(steep proof)
Outline dimensions (Diameter) 278mm x (H) 95mm
Weight Ca.5 kg

Signal processor

JMA certification Certified as to conform of seismic intensity category of 7 on the calculation basis of specified algorithm by JMA.
Contents of computing part Instrumental seismic intensity, SI value, Scale of intensity, Max. measured acceleration, Dominant period, Time of earthquake observation, Earthquake Early Detection information (option)
Time calibration (option) Time calibration is performed by GPS or time calibration radio.
Method of start-up Level trigger method(to be selected among three options such as Instrumental seismic intensity, Acceleration of 3 components or SI value)
Recording medium CF card with 1GB
Serial communication RS-232C x 2 ports
LAN Communication system: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX(2 ports)
Protocol: TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet
Display Display: TFT Color display
Resolution: 320 x 240 dots
Size: 5.7-inch.
Printing Printable data: Seismic intensity, Acceleration, Wave pattern, Configuration information, various system history, etc.
Method of printing: Thermal printing
General specifications
Power supply AC100V±10V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 50W (in a stand by mode)
Anti-power outage Covered by built-in battery for a period of about 60 minutes on a full charge (includes measuring unit)
Hardware requirements Ambient temperature: about -10°C ~ +50°C
Outline dimensions (W) 430mm x (H) 249mm x (D) 135mm
Weight Ca. 10kg

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