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Seismic Intensity Meter STR-361

Example of Earthquake Information Network System

Network System

Annunciators (Option)

Early Warning Indicator Panel IP-361

  • Indicates estimated seismic intensity and expected duration till coming up of main quake as soon as when it receives the data of earthquake early detection information.
  • The expected duration till main quake can be displayed with counting down to zero at every one second.
  • It gives voice guidance for the estimated scale of the earthquake.
  • Outline dimensions : (W)230mm x (H)300mm x (D)70mm

Remote Display IP-310C

  • Displays time of earthquake occurrence, current time, seismic intensity (on a one to ten scale) and maximum acceleration.
  • Can be connected additional 4 units (as maximum) through RS-422.
  • Built-in battery allows it to run more than 60 minutes while power fails.
  • Outline dimensions : (W)560mm x (H)420mm x (D)100mm

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