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Security Gate : TAG-8000 series

TAG-8000 series

TAG-8000 series is a Flapper type access control gate to be compatible with contactless smart card application. This series was successfully developed aiming primarily to down sizing and cost reduction under the technologies accumulated after gaining popularity of TAG-5000 series which was once one of our standard product.Thanks for its compactness; it provides more installation flexibility so that it can increase possibility to install various spots such as small office premises where can not be applicable by traditional model. As is other our conventional series models, it can be applicable to comprehensive operation as an access control management by connecting together with a host-system.


TAG-8000 series
  • Compact design
    TAG-8000 series was attained to downsize against our traditional TAG-5000 series. Consequently, it can increase of possibility to install various spots such as small office premises where can not be applicable by traditional model due to availability of installation space.
  • Well designed to fit with open office environment
    As the height of main housing is controlled to limit 1050mm as maximum, it can be installed smartly without feeling of tightness even a small office premises.
  • Flexible layout structure for gateway width
    By utilizing triangular plate for the gate flapper, it provides more flexible application for gateway width between 600 mm to 900mmwith using same main housing.
  • Flooring works are not necessarily to install.
    In case, the worksite where can not be undertaken major construction works it is applicable to install without flooring works by using optional slope board.
  • Connection with management system
    It has potential functionality to accomplish as a network security system with integrating various types of information such as to count number of people entered or exited, time of day control, in addition, to group (or sort) by priority area, to group (or sort) by personal, and so on. As the establishment of connection with host-system is made of using no-voltage contacts, it provides flexibility to hook up together with other supplier’s electrical lock system or security system. Note: Since the management system is to be DTO (Design To Order) basis up on request from customer, our sales staff will happy to contact for further details.

Description of Major Functionality

  • Card reading function
    Execute to read and verify for the smart card that is waved over card scanner.
  • Moving direction detector for internal gateway
    Detect anyone who entered in the gateway without having valid smart card, and recognize after that one leaves from gateway, as well.
  • Gates are kept opened incase of power interruption
    In the event of power interruption caused by a natural disaster, the gates are kept opened automatically during the interruption, however, the gates can be set as a close position during the interruption when needed.
  • Intersystem coordination with a host system
    It offers various controls such as passing control (accept or reject for passing), switch-over gateway direction, available time setting, simultaneous opening of all gates, counting of number of people entered and /or exited can be performed from a host-system through out no-voltage contact signal.
  • Intersystem coordination with other company’s host-system
    As per described above, it can be possible to make data linkage together with other company’s host-system as well.

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