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Open Door Temperature Control Chamber OTC-213A

  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • Adopting latest refrigerant R404A
  • Truly environment-friendly temperature controlled chamber

OTC is the especially valuable device for developing, testing or repairing for many different kinds of electronic hardware such as Disk storage unit, Printed-circuit board, PC, Measuring equipment, TV, Audio device, Telephone set, Timepiece, etc.


  • It is truly eco-friendly temperature controlled chamber equipped with a refrigerating machine adopting new refrigerant of R404A which is rated as zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).
  • Due to powerfully improved refrigeration capacity, the wider temperature control range of -15°C ~ +60°C can be achieved.
  • The defrost duration is shortened by utilizing dedicated defrost heating device.
  • OTC equips the upper and lower temperature limiter as standard equipment to protect inside chamber temperature, so the testing articles can be safely protected.
  • The operation of OTC is very easy and simple for anybody by touch panel operation.
  • OTC makes it possible to transfer the testing articles into and from the chamber with its control cables remain connected.
  • The temperature distribution of inside chamber can be controlled sensitively within the range of plus and minus 1°C even the doorway of chamber is fully opened.
  • As per the open door concept device, OTC enables for operator to access freely to the testing articles situated inside the chamber even while the OTC is running.
  • The inside of the chamber is visible externally, it allows an operator to view the testing articles throughout testing period.
  • Even if the testing article is a heavy object, it is eased to transfer into and from the chamber by the fact that the bottom plate of the chamber has a withdrawal mechanism while the weight load is not allowed to exceed 30kg.

Outline Drawings

Outline Drawing


General items
Model OTC-213A
Power supply AC 200V Three-phase ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 3 kW
Weight approx. 180 kg(without optional equipment)
Outer dimensions Width:750 x Height:1,500 x Depth:880 (in mm)
Inner dimensions and capacity of chamber Width:670 x Height:400 x Depth:500 (in mm)
Capacity : 134 L
Refrigerant R404A
Function & performance
Outside air block off system Two layer air curtain system
Temperature control range -15°C ~ +60°C
Temperature distribution 2°C(preset temperature ±1°C)
Carry-over time to temperature from +25°C to +60°C:approx.20 min.
from +25°C to -15°C:approx.30 min.
Safety device Power shutdown by GFI (ground-fault interrupter)
Run down the refrigerator by over current protection
Complete shutdown by overheat protector
Overpressure protection for refrigerant circuit
Overheat protection for refrigerant circuit
Reverse phase connection detector for power input
External interface RS-232C
Mode of operation Normal : Continuous running under constant temperature
Defrost : Perform periodically to remove ice from cooling elements to keep operating efficiency (can be operated in either Automatic or Manual mode)
Optional equipment Middle rack
Econo - Cover ( Supplement door cover )
Extension drain hose
  • Read the instruction manual carefully before using. Make sure to ground the device.
  • OTC is indoor dedicated device. Do not use in any place where it will be subjected to windy conditions, get wet with rainwater, direct sunlight, or extremely high/low temperatures.
  • Explosive or flammable materials can not be accepted as a testing article.
  • Do not operate the device near flammable gas or substance.
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