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Specific Product and System Department

Utilizing accumulated technologies and innovative ideas that are truly ahead of the times, we propose comfortable and high efficiency social systems. In recent years, demands for our Specific products and systems such as access control systems for office buildings or R&D facilities, bicycle parking management systems, etc. have been significantly growing. In addition, we have long histories and impressive delivery records in the field of seismic intensity meters. To ensure our products, which are required by our society, can reach on a timely basis, we continuously strive to meet customer’s expectations with our advantages supported by a lot of experience and skills as a pioneer of the industry.

Open Door Temperature Control Chamber

OTC series

OTC is the especially valuable device for developing, testing or repairing for many different kinds of electronic hardware.

Access Control Solutions
Security Gate series

TAG series

Access Control Solutions provide to ensure the security for workers as well as to protect confidential information against leaking.

Earthquake Disaster Prevention Equipment

STR series

Automated seismic intensity meter to measure various factors of earthquake such as 10 scales of seismic intensity, maximum acceleration, etc. by utilizing the algorism that is specified by JMA.

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