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Value Coin Counter : VCCS-2000 series

This is the Value Coin Counter with integrating the highly performed coin detector. It is excellent in price and performance. Also it features attractive design and easy operation by using a simple key sequence.


VCCS-2000 series
  • With having higher accuracy of coin detector, it does not accept and count fake coins. In the event that it detects fake coins or other currency coins, it rejects and separates automatically to the rejection outlet.
  • It is capable to count both value and number of coins at the same time even coins are loaded with mixed denominations. Of course, it accepts to count only specified denomination.
  • It has compact and stylish design for conveniently carried.
  • With having very simple mechanism, the possibility of coin jam is reduced extremely low level.
  • Available currency : Japanese Yen and Euro.


Series No. VCCS-2xxx
Capacity of coin loading tray 1,000 pieces (In the case of 100 yen coin)
1,000 pieces (In the case of 0.20 euro coin)
Power supply AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Outer dimensions W:460mm,H:210mm,D:200mm
Weight 10kg

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