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Coin Handling Module : ESM-3200 series

This series are provided for the automatic Ticket Vending Machine or automatic Fare Adjustment Machine as a recycle coin handling module.


ESM-3200 series
  • One of the major features is that it can process four denominations of coins, furthermore it is available four functionalities such as Receiving, Dispensing, Returning and Supplementing with counting process.
  • As it has a recycling functionality, the received coins can be utilized for change given to next customers.
  • It equips two selectable coin supply inlets. The one is located at front side which is capable to supply automatic supplement with mixed denominations, and the other one is located on the top of the module which is capable to supply by manually.
  • In the event that coins are becoming fully at coin hoppers, those that are considered to be overflowed shall be automatically stored into the collection box located at bottom of the module.
  • As the unique functionality of this module, all hoppers can be detached with one-touch simple operation for easier maintenance.


Series No. ESM-32xx
Applicable denominations and currency Four denominations of Japanese Currency such as 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen, and 500 yen
Power supply DC24V
Outer dimensions W:181mm,H:365mm,D:567mm
Weight 25kg

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