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Coin Hopper : CH-N series


CH-N series
  • Coin jam detection functionality works automatically to detect and release the coin jam.
  • Two ways coin discharge directional control:
    The discharge direction of coin can be controlled by external signal either to the normal outlet (for customer) or to the internal direction in the case of emptying the hopper for example.
  • Near-end detecting function:
    As the number of coins in the hopper storage reduces and draws to an end, it automatically outputs signals externally.
  • The photo-sensor is provided at the end of discharging out-let to detect and count the coins discharged.


Series No. CH-Nxxxxx
Capacity of coin storage 1,000 pieces (In the case of 100 yen coin)
Power supply DC24V
Outer dimensions W:90mm,H:230mm,D:170mm
Weight 1.45kg

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