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Card Dispensing Module : DOC-800 series


DOC-800 series
  • This leading edge card dispensing module was produced with our long term experience in the field of card dispensing machine. It makes possible to install small space of inside card vending machines.
  • It has prevention functionality for not to dispensing two or more cards by one operation, as well as it has retrying functionality that is capable to release card jamming automatically. Of course, it tells when the card is empty in the card holder.


Series No. DOC-806,DOC-822
Applicable card dimension and thickness
Card length(A) : from 53.5 mm to 58.0 mm
Card length(B) : from 84.5 mm to 86.5 mm
Card thickness : from 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm
Card surface roughness : smaller than 1Micron Ra
Capacity of card holder DOC-806 : 400 pieces
DOC-822 : 700 pieces
(Thickness of a card : 0.22mm)
Power supply DC24V
Outer dimensions DOC-806 W:92mm,H:142mm,D:133mm
DOC-822 W:96.3mm,H:233.2mm,D:133mm
Weight DOC-806 1120g (include a weight)
DOC-822 1520g (include a weight)

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