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Card Dispensing Module : DOC-1000 series


DOC-1000 series
  • It offers ultra compact and light weight capability. It makes possible to install small space where traditional card dispenser could not install.
  • With using card friendly rollers, all the cards can be dispensed accurately.
  • It has original and unique mechanism to release from card jamming automatically by aligning card edges when card jamming is erected.
  • It equips preventing mechanism that protects to insert card or thin material from outside to the module.


Series No. DOC-1010,DOC-1020
Applicable card dimension and thickness
Card length(A) : from 53.5 mm to 57.5 mm
Card length(B) : from 84.8 mm to 85.8 mm
Card thickness : from 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm
Card surface roughness : smaller than 1Micron Ra
Capacity of card holder DOC-1010 : 200 pieces
DOC-1020 : 300 pieces
(Thickness of a card : 0.22mm)
Power supply DC24V
Outer dimensions DOC-1010 W:85mm,H:80mm,D:105mm
DOC-1020 W:85mm,H:120mm,D:105mm
Weight 570g(include a weight)

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