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Mechatronics Department

This department is the concentrated body of TAKAMISAWA CYBERNETICS's essential technologies. Among them, while the processing technologies for Ticket, Bank note, Coin and Card are considered the core technology of Mechatronics department, they are utilized to other department products such as Transport equipment and Specific Product and System. In addition, they are applied to wide range of other company's products beyond us such as banking machines, various vending machines, etc. While pursuing more advanced technology in the future, we are committed to realize our customer's dream.

Ticket Printing Module

PTU-4000 series

This category is versatile ticket printers to be applicable for railway industry, and available two different types. One of them is desk top ticket printer which can be utilized to issue various types of ticket such as single ticket or season ticket. The other one is utilized to be integrated into automatic ticket vending machine as a printing mechanism.

Banknote Handling Device

BV-404 series

This category of products is consisted with banknote validators that are validate banknotes with higher accuracy, and banknote dispensers that are dispense banknotes with absolute precision. These products are to be integrated into railway ticket vending machine, banking machine, etc.

Coin Handling Device

CH-N series

This category of products is integrated widely into automatic ticket vending machines or Banking machines for financial institutes, and so on in which sectors require much more higher accuracy and performance.

Card Handling Module

DOC series

This category of products is integrated into mainly card vending machines. There are many kind of product lineup consisted with Card Dispenser that is to dispense smart card or PET card, and Card Processing unit that is to be integrated into self-service automatic vending machines.

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