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Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Certificate of approval issued March 23, 2006

We have acquired the approval of ISO 9001 certificate of international quality management standard since March 23, 2006 for the activity of its quality management system including the head office and two factories in Nagano prefecture.

Under our corporate statement;
“We are the own associates for creating an absolutely essential company in the world. For endless development, we will keep challenging with working together.”, we continuously struggle with quality activity to enhance customer satisfaction and fulfill social responsibility.

Quality Policy

CertificateWhile we are making contribution to the society throughout our business activities such as Product Design, Production,Marketing for automatic equipment, laborsaving equipment and so on, we establish appropriate “Quality Management System” as well as we strive to keep our position as a company offering with the products that are capable to provide higher customer satisfaction for the purpose “to create an absolute essential company in the world”.

We therefore present following approaches for the quality management activities;

  • Comply with working rules
    We set effective working rules up and comply with them, further more, we implement ongoing improvement.
  • Build the quality into the products during production process.
    To successfully achieve this program, each production process sets a quality target respectively, and conducts for improvement continuously with inventive approach. This will lead to establish a firm constitution of manufacturing.
  • Never make shipment of nonqualified products from factory
    We should create a quality control system which completely manages not to ship out from factories any products that fails to fulfill the requirements of customer under any circumstances.

We are committed to keep all personnel working in our organization educated about our Quality policy, furthermore we disclose it to the public upon request from anyone outside of the company.

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