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Environmental Management System

Vision for Environment

mt.asamaWe have acquired the approval of ISO-14001 certificate of international environment management standard with the version of the year 1996 since April 18, 2003 for our two factories located in Nagano prefecture. We have kept implement environment conservation activities since then. Thereafter, we decided to deploy organizational campaign intending to improve into the advance class of the standard. After evolutional efforts of all personnel of TAKAMISAWA CYBERNETICS, we have successfully acquired the advanced standard of ISO-14001of 2004 version on April 18, 2006.

We recognize that it is common importance as well as one of the immediate issues for the world to preserve the natural environment on earth. As a corporate social responsibility of valued company, we are committed to achieving this goal by enhancing continuously our environmental conservation activities and strengthening our sustainable efforts with minimizing environmental load of energy and resources.

ISO 14001 Certificated April 18th in 2003,Nagano factories

Environmental Policy

Human behavior is nurtured by the earth. To preserve permanently life operation of those creatures which are entered into existence from rich and natural environment on the earth, we should not fail our consideration for environment conservation. We will pursue challenging goals for the conservation of global environment. Under our corporate statements; We are the own associates for creating an absolutely essential company in the world. For endless development, we will keep challenging with working together.We are carrying on our business activities such as Product Design, Production, Marketing and Customer Service activities. Throughout those activities, we recognize the importance of conducting to reduce its environmental impact. As an entire Takamisawa Group from employee to top managements, we are committed to pursue environment conservation in all its corporate activities.

Environmental Activities

CertificateWe are making contribution to the society throughout our business activities such as Product Design, Production, Marketing for automatic equipment, laborsaving equipment and so on. Under on going those activities, we recognize to improve continuously major impact of environment so that we can live in coexistence with nature. In addition, we strive to keep our position as a reliable company trusted by community, customer, employee and stakeholders. We present following approaches and strategies for environment management activities.

  • We shall review overall environmental impact which is possibly be caused by our business activities, subsequently we identify a notable environment aspect. Thereafter, we shall set environmental objectives or targets that are applicable with our scale of business, and pursue in achieving our goal with our utmost efforts.
  • We work on continuous improvement and ensure to preserve environmental contamination with pursuing our environmental management system which conforms to ISO14001.
  • We shall strive to comply with applicable Environmental Laws, Regulations, Guidelines and in-house specific standards. We will conduct to reevaluate our environmental management activities periodically as well.
  • To implement environmental activities, we set the own specific target described below, and whole employee form a single unit to execute the program together.
    1.Promote further energy conservation and resource saving.
    2.Move ahead on development, producing and marketing for Green Products.
    3.Set forward to recycle waste products.

We are committed to keep all personnel working in our organization educated about our environmental activities furthermore we disclose it promptly to the public upon request from anyone outside of the company.

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